Backstage Tour at The Hong Kong Ballet!

This summer Twinkle Dance will be inviting all summer students to join our Hong Kong Ballet backstage tour.

We were the very first school….

last year to be invited to this special occasion and this year they have invited us once again. We want to share this fantastic opportunity with all our students.

We will be heading backstage of “Don Quixote”, The Hong Kong Ballet’s opening performance for their brand new dance season. After watching their incredible show you will be toured around the theatre, where you will see all the magic that happens backstage. They will take you onto the stage itself and also give you a sneak peek at all the costumes and props. Last year our students were even able try on the costume themselves and take pictures with it.

This is available to all of our summer students (including drop ins) who have attended class, as well as all of our adult students. Last year we had a lot of adult students attend and we received fantastic feedback from them. We only have 50 spots this year and its first come first serve, so be quick and sign up!


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