Chinese New Year is coming to Twinkle Dance!

In January our class theme will be based on Hong Kong's biggest holiday, Chinese New Year!

This year we will be celebrating the rooster in our dance classes.

First we discover the movements of the rooster and meet his other friends at Old McDonald’s farm, such as the cow, horse and many others. Then we move on to the famous lucky red pockets, tip toeing around the room to find a friend, greet them with a bow and say, “gung hey fat choi!” Learning to share with others and interact with fellow dancers.

Now Chinese New Year is not complete without a Chinese lion dance. We will be teaching the dancers the story behind this amazing dance and also teach them to be the lion themselves. From balancing on one foot to jumping up high, just like the dancing lions on the streets. Lastly we celebrate Chinese New Year with Hong Kong’s famous firework display. Using energy through their arms and legs, our dancers learn a sense of coordination and spacial awareness when dancing around others. Through the use of action songs and props, our dancers will get the full experience of Chinese New Year.

Red Pocket Envelop.screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-11-17-14-pm

This year we will also bring back our tradition of giving out our very own lucky red pockets. Here at Twinkle Dance we personally design our very own red pockets, which always have a beautiful design. This year they are a lovely soft pink, covered in adorable tutus and ballet shoes. Very different and unique compared to the traditional red pockets. Here is the good news, every student that signs up for our January term will get 10 free lucky pockets!

Sign up now and get this free gift before we run out.

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