Video – Congratulations Showcase Performers!

We want to say a big congratulations to all of the performers at our Twinkle Dance Showcase 2017.

Last week we had 480+ students performing over 3 fantastic shows. We also had guest performances from the incredible Hong Kong Ballet and the hilarious Candlestick and Hickory Tickory Tock from Rumple and Friends.

Our show day began with onstage rehearsals, where dancers arrived filled with excitement as they could not wait to step onto that big stage. Afterwards they went off to their changing rooms for their final touches, from their beautiful head pieces to elegant princess gloves. Whilst they were waiting for the show to begin, our dancers enjoyed playing with their friends as well as watching their favourite movies backstage. Then came showtime, slowly each dance group was called one by one to prepare side stage, here the excitement is very hard to contain. The lights turn on and the dancers watch in awe as the other performers dance onstage. Finally its their turn and they quickly run onto their spots, ready to show mummy and daddy their best dance moves. Our parents were very proud and gave a grand round of applause for all of our students. We all had such a wonderful time and we cannot wait for the next Twinkle Dance showcase.

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