Costume Design (Showcase 2018, Cinderella-The Lost Slipper)

One of the most important things about a dance show is the glamorous costumes.

We are well known for having the best custom-made costumes in town. Our designs are always unique and creative. All of our costumes are designed and made by our very own dance clothing line Tutulamb. We understand that the material used needs to not only stand out, but also be flexible and comfortable to dance in. That is why our costumes are designed by professional dancers as they know what works best.

During November we have been measuring all of our students in class to make sure their custom-made costumes fit perfectly. After the costume is made we invite all performers to come to a professional photo shoot. Not only will they try on their costumes, they will also have professional dance photos led by our very own Twinkle teachers. This is the day where dancers can take the costume home until the the big performance. After the show we will give every student their accessories that come along with the costume. They get to keep everything and take it home, what a perfect memory from a fantastic dance experience!


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