Dance Showcase 2018 Preparation is Up and Running!

We have been planning our spectacular show since October this year.

All of our staffs has regular meetings to make sure we are all up to date with show preparations. Our teachers at Twinkle Dance have spent a long time searching for the perfect music to match each character they were given. They have put a lot of thought into the choreography, which not only needs to match the character, but also make it suitable for the dancers’ level.

We are working on every part of the show including, lighting designs, backdrops and sets with our production team. One very important aspect of our planning is our costume designs. We have to make sure that our teachers know the details of each costume, and then they know which movements go well with the design. We have also spent months to recruit backstage staffs. We have over 100 staffs backstage each year, including toilet helpers, security guards (who ensure everyone is safe) and helpers to look after the children backstage.

On top of everything, we have also been organizing future photo-shoots and costume fittings for all of our performers. Furthermore we will be collaborating with actors and live musicians, so this means a lot of rehearsals and script writing. As you can see there is a lot happening behind the scenes. We want to create the best dance experience for your children as well as a fantastic show for the audience. Come and sign up for our Twinkle Dance Showcase 2018 – Cinderella the lost slipper and be a part of this wonderful experience.


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