Be Our Demo Baby and Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Term in Kindermusik!

Twinkle Dance have just opened a brand new program called Kindermusik and we are looking for babies age 1-2 years to help our Kindermusik teacher trainee to do a demo class.

This March we are opening our very first class, but we want to open up even more classes in our other locations. So we are currently training more Kindermusik teachers to get certified and we need your help. If your child loves to sing, dance and play with musical instruments then this is the class for you.

Is there a charge?

Not at all, this class is completely free and there’s more, we will also give you a complimentary term (March -April) in our Kindermusik classes.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers absolutely adore children and are so excited to teach this new program. Many of our teachers are trained in musical theatre which is perfect for Kindermusik as it requires of lot of singing as well as actions and musical instruments. Our teachers are very caring towards children and will make sure your child feels comfortable and safe as well as making sure they have lots of fun.

Want to be our demo Twinkle baby? Contact us via email or phone and help us to spread this wonderful program, Kindermusik.


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