Nov-Dec Term – Off to the North Pole We Go!

Come and sign up for our Christmas term!! Here at Twinkle Dance we have a merry filled dance class to celebrate this wonderful season.

Our adventure will start with the happy dancing Christmas trees which comes in all different sizes and shapes. We can decorate them in all kinds of colours, glistening ornaments and not to forget the ever so important golden star at the top (or ballerina angel, whichever you prefer). Just by the tree we find Santa Claus eating the cookies and milk that we prepared for him. But Santa tells us he needs help, he’s lost all the presents at the North Pole, oh no! So we take the tutu train to the north pole to help Santa’s little helpers, the Elves!! We will be searching far and wide with the Elves to find all of the lost presents that were made for the good children sleeping away, dreaming about opening their first present from Santa. Once we have found all the presents we shall gallop alongside Rudolph into the night sky to deliver gifts filled with Christmas joy.

Kids Schedule

We cannot wait to see your child’s cheerful smiles when they are tip toeing into Twinkles Winter Wonderland of fun.


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