JAN-FEB CNY Term Open for Registration!

Hong Kong's biggest holiday, Chinese New Year!

Every term we change our theme to make sure it is most up to date with whats going on. The theme is the inspiration to our dance classes and we incorporate the techniques of jazz and ballet into each exercise. There are many Chinese New Year traditions and we will be taking elements of each one into our classes.

This year we will be celebrating the year of the dog, the friendly animal that loves to play and jump around. We will be taking the high energy movement of this lucky animal into our dance exercises. We will also play with the lucky red pockets, the tradition that children love receiving, and discover all the different types of Chinese New Year festive treats candies. With these they will learn how to exchange and share with others.

Another element of Chinese New Year is the decorations such as lanterns and fai chun, which you see all over Hong Kong, we will take these into our classes and bring more of a new year spirit into the class. Additionally we will be dancing with lots of props such as long pink ribbons to make our classes even more exciting for the children. Sign up now before our Christmas break for our fun filled Jan-Feb term!


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