Join our Parade Team at Disneyland!

Some children dream about performing at the Magical Theme Park and we can make that dream come true at Twinkle Dance!

It is always one of the most memorable performances of the theme park as we get to parade throughout the whole park starting from Sleeping Beauties’ castle all the way to Fantasy Land, where you can ride Dumbo the magical elephant who can fly.

We believe this is a great experience for children, so we are inviting all students 6yrs and above to join our talented Disney Parade Team. We will be rehearsing in our Central studios. Our Twinkle teachers will choreograph a fun dance over the course of 7 rehearsals, by then our team will be more than ready to perform. Each student will also receive a tailer made costume by our very own clothing line Tutulamb and performing art certificate awarded from Disneyland.

Our parade date will be on June 18th but our application deadline is April 13th, so be quick and sign up before its too late. You do not want to miss out on this great opportunity.

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