Kindermusik at Twinkle Dance!

Twinkle Dance is opening Kindermusik classes for age 0-1 and 1-2.

This music and movement based curricula has helped millions of children around the world, enhancing their whole child development as well as preparing them for success in further education. Twinkle’s son has been enrolled to the Kindermusik class for a year, she personally finds that it is a great program for developing early-learning skills.

Twinkle Dance are well known…….

for the wee ones, we are expert in teaching young learners; with our caring and well trained teachers, your little ones will be irresistibility engaged throughout the whole lesson. We are a fully registered school to run this program, our Kindermusik teachers are fully certified and licensed under Kindermusik.

Starting this week we will be giving out free trials vouchers to all of Twinkle Dance’s students, so if you have a baby sibling age 0-2, come obtain one from Twinkle Dance!


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