Mar-Apr Magic Lamp Term

Aladdin invites you to soar through endless diamond sky and thrilling adventures this Mar - Apr!

Going to dance classes is something Twinkle Dance wants children to look forward to. This is why we change our theme each term to keep classes fun and something to anticipate for. This Mar – Apr term, we will bring your child on a enchanting journey with Aladdin.

As we begin our adventure with Aladdin, we will make way across a busy market with movements at different levels and speeds, from crawling down low through tunnels to big jumps up high. Meanwhile, the love story between Jasmine and Aladdin is just as charming. With princess scarves and tiaras we will travel on Aladdin’s magic carpet and learn to tiptoe in various patterns beyond the stars and clouds. But the magic begins as Aladdin finds the golden lamp and releases Genie. From here, we will practice a wider range of gross motor movements, like light quiet jumps and heavy stomps. Finally, our magical adventure with Aladdin ends with Genie granting us three precious wishes.

With the help of props, storytelling and lively music, our dance classes teach dance techniques in a fun way suitable for all children. Sign up now and join our Mar- Apr term and we’ll reveal what wishes your child has made during open class in April!

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