March – April Theme: Alice’s Adventures and Mr. White Rabbit.

 Through the use of story and imagination we will be teaching our dancers the techniques of dance in a fun and innovative way.

The story starts off with little Alice falling asleep in the garden. She then wakes up to discover a small fluffy tail in the distance, it’s Mr White Rabbit! As she tip toes and leaps across the room in hopes to find Mr White Rabbit, she finds herself spinning down the magical rabbit hole. Where she meets the ever so charming Hatter and Cheshire Cat who invites Alice to a cup of tea and a dance. Hatter teaches Alice his famous tea pot dance. After a tummy full of tea and dancing Alice pops down to the garden where she meets the beautiful butterflies, she imitates their movements and flies along side other butterfly dancers in different movement patterns around the garden. 

Then suddenly…

the Card Soldiers appear, they march around the castle to help the Queen of Hearts paint her precious roses. Whilst Alice is happily painting away, Mr Rabbit jumps out of no-where. Alice then decides to jump along with him and helps him to find chocolate eggs for the Easter celebrations. They both collected so many eggs that they jump for joy, but uh oh! Alice drops all her eggs and wakes up to realize it was all a dream.

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