Annual Showcase 2018

We would like to invite your child to participate in our annual showcase! This wonderful opportunity is not only a performance but a true dancer’s experience. To be backstage ready in your custom-made costume, hair and makeup completed, waiting for the lights to go down so you can take your place on stage. Your heart rushes in excitement to show your loved ones what you can do, the lights come up, the music starts and it’s show time! Don’t miss out on this spectacular event!

We are very excited to announce the theme for our 2018 showcase is Cinderella: The Lost Slipper. Not only will she be groomed by the Fairy God Mother, riding the pumpkin carriage and dancing with the Prince in the castle, Cinderella will also be searching for her lost slipper across Hong Kong! She will be taking the audience on a fun adventure, discovering all types of hidden gems in Hong Kong, making this story even more exciting.

Twinkle Dance is well known for participating in numerous charity events and serving the community. This year, we’ve decided to donate part of the show’s income to World Vision Hong Kong to help children in need around the world. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. We too want to get more involved in this great movement, so a part of every application and ticketing fee will be donated to this charity.

All performers will be able to experience the following:

1. Custom Made Costume

Each child who applies will receive a lot more than just a performance. For the show they will get a custom made costume designed by Tutulamb which they can also keep after the show. We know how much they love to dress up and trust me every year our children adore their costumes from brightly coloured tutus to sparkling glittery head pieces.

2. Professional Photoshoot

They will also get to take part in a professional photoshoot at our Twinkle Dance studio. This is where we can capture their best dance moves in their fantastic costumes. A perfect way to capture their little dancing moments.

3. Professional Stage Experience

All of these are just small events which lead up to the big one, the show! The place where your shining star gets to perform on a professional stage in front of all their loved ones. Each year our kids have so much fun and get a great confidence boost from their praising audience and proud parents.

4. Show Video & Photobook

In the end we also give you the video of the entire show! The Show Photobook is optional, you can order them during show application to receive an early bird discount. It displays more than 300 backstage and stage photos taken by professional photographers during the performance.

5. Performance Certificate