Not just a dance class……..but a platform to learn about life attributes. 

We teach children to not give up even though they feel tired, but to push themselves to be better. To learn how to interact with other children and to learn how to be part of a team. To love their bodies and look after themselves. To cope with the disappointment of not being the lead role but to fully commit to being their assigned role as best as they can. To achieve their goals through hard work. To understand that to create something beautiful does not happen overnight, that it takes time and hard work to achieve success. To create life long relationships with other dancers and to strive to be on a stage and not on the screen.
These are just a few things we try to achieve as well as well pointed feet. That is why Twinkle Dance is different than other dance schools, we understand how important dance education is, but we are not trying to train everyone to be professional dancers. We want children to understand basic human life skills as well.
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