Our Twinkle Teachers!

It's September, which means a new school year begins! We want to introduce you our 2017-2018 Twinkle teachers.

All of our teachers are chosen by our company director Twinkle. She is known to choose teachers who have a strong dance background with professional training and qualifications. They have to be passionate about young children, as well as being gentle and caring towards them. They are from all over the world as well as the The Hong Kong Ballet.

Each of our classes are creatively planned by our wonderful teachers to suit every age and level. We don’t only teach students the beautiful technique of dance, we also encourage healthy social interactions with other children. Before each term, our teachers receive training regarding the new curricula, to ensure all of the classes are cohesive. Plus teachers host weekly meetings to keep the classes up to date.

Sign up for our programs now and meet our wonderful Twinkle teachers.

Our teachers

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