Ballet & Jazz Exam 2017

Every year we are able to host professional Ballet and Jazz exams for all of our students. Our ballet curriculum follows the Royal Academy Of Dance, one of the worlds most influential dance educations. For Jazz we follow Australasia's famous dance training and performance program, Jazz Addict.

Let me talk you through our exam day. It first started off with staffs preparing the studio, from covering all of the mirrors to making sure all the dance props are ready to go. Then the kids arrived, all excited and nervous at the same time. We pin on their number badges, put up their hair and finished off the Ballet girls with a little pink bow in their bun. Afterwards they lined up nicely outside the studio waiting for the sound of the bell, signalling to go in. Once they find their spots inside they perform their beautiful dancing in front of the examiner. After they received their well deserved certificates, they waved a final good bye to the examiner.

This year we had the lovely examiners Miss Rowley for Jazz and the charming Miss Thompson for Ballet. Both were very kind towards the children making them feel very comfortable when they were dancing.

Here at Twinkle Dance…

we are registered with both RAD and Jazz Addict. Our teachers are certified with these qualifications, which means your children will get the best dance education. If you want to join up for next years exams you can! We send out our application at the end of every year. So keep an eye out!


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