PHOTOS-Causeway Bay Branch Opening Party.

We had such a wonderful time at our Causeway Bay branch opening party last Sunday!!

The day started with parents, students and friends arriving to a very warm welcome by Miss Twinkle and her lovely staffs. They were asked to sign our bright pink wall and were handed a lovely handmade goodie bag made by Twinkle Dance. The sounds of the incredible (((((Handpan)))))) resounded throughout the studio which was decorated with beautiful pictures from our Beauty and the Beast showcase.

The clock struck three and its was time to start the ceremony. Our first act was our Production Team, who dress up as Cupcakes and performed a fun and upbeat dance number. All guests gathered around in excitement. After their fantastic dance the dancers helped us prepare the ever so important ribbon cutting ceremony. All of our marvellous photographers from our showcase gathered with Miss Twinkle to cut the ribbon together.

After a delightful cheer from our lovely audience, the traditional lion dancers charged in and blessed our studio. Miss Twinkle dotted their eyes and they finished off with a fantastic display of traditional Lion dancing, that later became a fusion hip hop dance routine… after all we are a dance studio. We have our incredible magic show by Rumple and Friends. Mr Rumple storms in with his suitcase filled with all types of magic and entertainment. He had all the children and adults in fits of laughter throughout the rest of the afternoon.

We just want to say a very big thank to all our professional Photographers from the showcase, our talented Cupcake Dancers and everyone who came to celebrate this wonderful day. We had so much fun and we wouldn’t be here without all of the incredible support from our family of students, parents and staffs. We are very excited about our new studio and we look forward to see who else will be joining our Twinkle family.


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