This summer we will be discovering all the sweet joys of dance. From the elegant movements of popular princesses for the little ones to sweet offers for our adult dancers. We will also be running a new choreography workshop for our 5+ students, to get their creative juices flowing and create something to show their proud parents. Furthermore we have been invited to another backstage tour at the Hong Kong Ballet. Our classes will be available at most of our locations this summer, so sign up and dance with us at Twinkle Dance.

Ballet Princess Gathering Workshops (18months - Age 5)

We will be discovering the elegant movements and characteristics of our favourite princesses. Through the use of imagination and creativity they will be acting out their very own magical story, but with the use of dance movement. Our classes are designed for your child to have fun and learn the techniques of dance at the same time.

Ballet Variation Workshops (Age 5-11)

In these Variation Workshops, students will be learning a short solo from famous ballets such as Coppelia, Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Cinderella etc.. Perfect for those who have dreamed of being a prima ballerina.

Pop Star Workshops (Age 3-5)

In this Pop Star Workshops, students will be learning routines from popular dance music videos, which is designed to be fun and full of excitement. We will provide routines suitable even for a complete beginner. So if your child has never danced before, but loves to singalong to pop songs and prance around the house then this is the class for them.

Jazz Choreography Workshops (Age 5-12)

In these Choreography Workshops, students will be learning about dance composition. They will learn how to go from just an idea into a dance routine. At the end of the program, they will perform their wonderful work in front of an audience, their parents.

Backstage Tour at The Hong Kong Ballet (Age 3+)

Summer dance students are invited by The Hong Kong Ballet to watch the Don Quixote performance and experience a backstage tour on August 27th 2017!

Kindermusik (Age 0-2)

Kindermusik is an internationally recognized program, established by a group of educators, who are passionate about bringing the love of music to young children and their families. Since 1978, this music and movement based curricula, has reached out to millions of children across the globe. Through music, movement, vocal play, sign language, instrumental play, their activities are designed to enhance a child's early development. Through continuous practise, many have found Kindermusik's curricula has prepared their child to find greater success in their further education.

Complimentary Special Needs Workshops (Age 3-10)

Our SEN classes will be using all types of stimuli such as images, props and different genres of music, to ensure our students are totally engaged and can fully experience our sweet summer classes. This class is a great way for children to be able to express themselves and socialise with other dancers in a safe and comfortable environment.