September Term “TOY SHOP” Now Open for Registration!

This September we will be discovering the adventures of the Toy Shop! Every term we create a brand new theme to make our dance lessons even more exciting for children. This term is all about our favourite toys and how they come to life in dance class.

The first character….

we meet is the ever so important Cowboy who goes on an adventure with his best friend Buzz the spaceman. These two friends are on the hunt to find all the missing coins from Mrs Piggy Bank. As we fly and leap across the room on Buzz’s wings we discover other friends such as the Cowgirl and the toy horse Buckeroo, who are galloping all over the place. Wiggly Dog also comes along and helps us to wiggle through all those nooks and crannies in the room where those coins have rolled in. During our search for the precious coins, T Rex is running around frantically. Our owner Andrew is coming upstairs which means we need to tip toe and hide! But oh no! It’s too late, the door is opening and we need to freeze!

This fun filled theme will be taught at all of our locations including our brand new studio on Leighton Road in Causeway Bay. Remember it is first come first serve, so be quick before its too late.

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