This Term’s Theme is Chinese New Year!

We have included many elements of this wonderful festival with both our Ballet and Jazz classes. Not only do we teach the movement but we also add other stimuli such as pictures, props and music to really create the Chinese New Year atmosphere.

This year is the ever noisy rooster who wakes everyone up in the morning. Through the use of singing and dancing, the dancers have been able remember movement sequences representing the rooster. Next up is the exciting red pockets, each child gets to hold on to a red pocket and get to exercise their spacial awareness when travelling amongst peers. We think sharing is very important and this is brought up when they are asked to exchange red pockets. Following up is the talented lion dance, we learn how to balance on one leg and jump up high to eat the yummy ball of lettuce. We finish off with the extravagant fireworks display. Every child receives a pink ribbon and they learn how to create lots of energy and patterns with their arms in all kinds of directions.

Come and check out our classes and see that we teach dance in a fun and innovative way. Using all types to stimuli to really capture your children, giving them the most fun they can have when learning dance.

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