Tutulamb Dancewear

Professional children dance wear designed by professional dancers.

We have our very own clothing brand, Tutulamb, a children’s dance wear line designed by professional dancers. Consisting of a wide range of colourful tutus, dresses, leotards, leather shoes and other accessories, your little ballerina can mix and match pieces, to suit her personal taste. In addition to dance wear, Tutulamb has exceptional knowledge in costume design, as they have created outstanding pieces for Twinkle Dance’s annual showcase, year after year.

Halloween Limited Edition "Trick or Treat"!

This month is Halloween! It is that time when our children will be collecting enough sugar for a lifetime and they will be dressed up in the most adorable costumes, from small little witches to the ever so scary white blanket ghost. Every year our children have their own idea of who they want to be and many little girls love being a ballerina, but where can you find a ballerina Halloween outfit? Here! At Twinkle Dance! We are releasing a limited edition ballerina Halloween outfit - "Trick or Treat". It is perfect for girls who want to stick with the ballerina style but still want to join in on the scary festivities.

The "Trick or Treat" outfit comes with a black leotard and brand new black tutu, which is lined with a ribbon in the classic Halloween colour, orange. Also included are accessories to complement the lovely ballet outfit. A classic witch’s hat which is wrapped with a matching orange bow, complete with strong hair clips and band underneath to ensure a secure fit, perfect for children who will be running around hyped-up on sugar. There is also a matching orange ball necklace, which easily attaches and fits all sizes.

This is only available at Twinkle Dance, so come and be the first to get a Tutulamb original Halloween outfit. “Trick or Treat” is only available till Halloween and we have limited stock so be quick before they’re all gone!

Tutulamb Brand New 2016 Design, Serenade!

Inspired by the famous Ballet "Serenade", choreographed by George Balanchine. Balanchine described Serenade as ‘dancers in motion to a beautiful piece of music’.

The long flowing skirt design is also known as a romantic tutu style. This dress perfectly floats up into a beautiful ballerinas puff as the dancers pirouette and leap across the room. The skirt itself is mesmerising and it is accompanied with a delicately laced leotard to add to the romantic style. The blue dress is very similar to a very famous princess who is known for turning everything into ice. A great gift for a ballerina’s birthday, or it can be a brand new outfit to start off the school year.