Video – What is Contemporary Dance? 

We have many students asking us what contemporary dance is.

So here is a short video of our wonderful teacher Miss Anna performing a beautiful contemporary routine, giving you a glimpse of our Twinkle Dance adult classes. Contemporary is a very expressive type of dance which uses every part of your body. You will be using muscles you didn’t even know existed before. It includes all different levels from elevation, standing to floor work. There are also changes of speed from slow, fast to even stillness, these movement all combine together to make a dynamic routine. Contemporary is known not to be so restrictive, so you have the freedom to express and move in your own way, creating your own style in contemporary dance.

Miss Anna will be teaching this routine for our February term and she will be adding new moves every week. This class is also suitable for complete beginners, so do not worry if you haven’t had much dance experience, this class is for everyone! Sign up now and try our adult contemporary classes at Twinkle Dance.


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