Video – Teachers’ Ballerina Bun Challenge!

Have you ever watched ballerinas effortlessly tie a stage-ready ballerina bun? We challenged our teachers to complete a perfect ballet bun! Not only were they asked to complete them as fast as they could, we also put the buns through a series of judging and tests to find our winner.

Often, ballerinas don’t have the time in the entire world to get their hair ready. Whether rushing between classes or to rehearsals, we may have just minutes to get ready. So how little time do ballerinas actually need to complete a stage-ready bun? How do they make sure they withstand vigorous movements like jumping, spinning and shaking? What are the secrets behind a perfect ballerina bun?

Watch this video to find out who won the challenge! Make sure you pay attention to our teachers’ tips on how to get a stage-ready perfect ballerina bun.

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