Weekly Complimentary Special Needs Classes!

We believe anyone can dance, there are no limitations in who can dance.

We know parents finding activities for their children with special needs can be difficult, so we want to reach out and introduce any kid to dance. We want children to interact with others and to also build spacial awareness. Our aim is for children to build relationships with each other and to also build up their confidence. Our classes before were filled with parents complimenting and encouraging their child, its lovely how one praise from a parent or teacher can absolutely lift up a child’s self esteem. We also want to use dance to help the children build strength in their muscles for their every day use.

Our class themes…

Our class themes will be based on what is current during that time, such as Chinese new year for January and Easter for April etc, this way the dancers will find it easier to relate to the theme. We will also use different props and stimuli to capture the children’s attention, as it helps dancers to understand the movement when there are other supporting elements.

Class location

These classes will still be hosted in our Central location at Sugar Plum Studio. Same as before but over Christmas we will be expanding this studio which means we will be able to enrol even more students starting January.  Sign up now as these classes tend to fill out fast. We cannot wait to dance with you at Twinkle Dance.


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